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Hi everyone, I've finally set up my website/portfolio if you'd like to take a peek

Also, come follow me on twitter for more sketches, artblog updates, news on game projects and other art based endeavours

See you there!

Hi everyone, come follow me on twitter for artblog updates, news on game projects and other art based endeavours

My new artblog:

See you there!

Hi everyone, Inertia Games studios (Cambridgeshire, UK) is expanding. New positions are available-

Digital 2D artist/illustrator
3D artist

If you're interested head over here… for more info and contact details.
Thanks everyone for the DD… and all the great comments. Never thought id get one of those when i started posting work a couple of years ago. Coincidentally, Margrave: Curse of the Severed Heart is released today! Visit Big Fish for a free demo.
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Hi all, its been a little quiet around here lately due to a few things including access to internet and moving house (a lot). Now im working as a concept and 2D artist for a games company near Cambridge, UK but i'll be posting my personal work as and when I can.  Thanks for all the feedback and comments over the last month ive been away, if i havent replied to your messages or invitations I apologise-they are all greatly appreciated! Back to work.....
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For those of you that like browsing the shelves of WHsmith here in the UK, ive some artwork used in an article on Dan Pinchbeck in this months GamesTM magazine (Issue 90)-its on page 16.

Im also in November's issues of Imagine FX and and Wired UK- phew, what a month! :)
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Imagine FX issue 51 is out now (UK) and im on page 16!

Also thanks to all my recent watchers and for the favs, lots more paintings coming soon, I gotta fit more in around these busy xmas shifts at work...
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I have some artwork featured in the November issue of Wired UK this month. Its related to the Dear Esther re-make by Robert Briscoe, and shows off a few of my concept pieces for the game. Also, theres a short summary of Dan Pinchbeck's work for those interested in learning more about his FPS research projects and free to download mod's for the Half Life 2 engine, including the recently released Korsakovia. Check it out in the Play section of the magazine....
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Korsakovia is out now! Head over to for the free download.

Its had a pre release review by Resolution Magazine, here's what they said:
"It’s rare for a game to instil such panic.  It’s up there with ‘Shock 2 and Silent Hill in that respect."
"Dan Pinchbeck is a tremendous writer... The script is one of the best in any game I’ve played recently."

"Korsakovia is a new single-player mod from thechineseroom, creators of the cult Half Life 2 mod Dear Esther. It is based around the simple question - what happens if you turn off the visual representation of agents, the normal cues players use to predict behaviour and motive? Around this experiment, Korsakovia mixes the abstract story-driven experience of Dear Esther with more traditional gameplay. The result is a survival horror FPS that will trap you in the splintering fragments of a destroyed mind." -Dan Pinchbeck

Check out my concept art for the game by clicking on the pic.
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Dear Esther concept art "Lighthouse" is going to Los Angeles!
'Dear Esther' Lighthouse by Ben-Andrews
Its being exhibited as part of the IndieCade festival in October at the Wonderful World Art gallery in Culver City. Be sure to check out the print if you're going to the event and let me know what you think.

Congratulations to Dan Pinchbeck and his ChineseRoom team for all their hard work on such a highly praised and downloaded game (30'000 and counting...)and making it into the festival this year, good luck guys!

Check out for more info and tickets to IndieCade 2009.

Keep up to date with Dear Esther's re-development at Rob Briscoe's devblog here…
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Back into the thick of things with concept art for the Dear Esther remake, Robert Briscoe has been busy building the in-game landscape, great to finally be able to see my art work come to life! Check out a video of the progress…

Plus almost 2k pageviews! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out my work and leave such positive and encouraging comments.
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Just posted my latest environment concept for the update of HL2 mod Dear Esther. Would love to hear some feedback from those of you who are familiar with the game-let me know what you think....Keep up to date on all the latest Chinese Room developments here
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Hi everyone, ive been looking forward to posting this one! Just uploaded my latest work for the upcoming Half life 2 Mod called Korsakovia. Its from the makers of the highly praised Dear Esther mod and is due to be released in August. For more information on the game check out this link
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All the current work showcased on my page is concept art for an upcoming update for a Half Life 2 Mod called Dear Esther. The mod in its current form is available to download from…

Im currently producing concept sketches and paintings for 3D Evironment Designer/Level Artist Robert Briscoe to improve the mod and bring it up to a production quality release. The project is my first real concept job (unpaid) to help build my portfolio and develop my skills as a digital artist.

Follow progress on the mod at Robert Briscoe's DevBlog:…

In other news:

Congratulations to my friend Jason Turner Lead Artist of a new iphone and browser game Outer Empires which is released next month, check it out at the site below;
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